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Tweak your Product Titles to Prevent Listing Suppression

Tweak your Product Titles to Prevent Listing Suppression
While we all aim to set up titles which not only accurately describe our product, but also incorporate valuable keywords and search terms, if they do not also coincide with Amazon’s strict guidelines, your listing may not be displayed in a potential buyer’s search results.

Amazon guidelines are simple enough but are not often referenced when we add or attach to a product in the Amazon catalog. Even Amazon warns that failure to comply ‘may cause a product to be suppressed from Amazon search results.’

The obvious obstacle a seller will face from noncompliance is…

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Accelerated Amazon Reviews

Reviews are very important to the success of a product on Amazon. Amazon Reviews are widely used by buyers not only for buying a product on Amazon but also making a purchase decision in in retail. Amazon Reviews are trusted by consumers although from time to time you will encounter a fake review.

Reviews are important for increasing your sales rank and revenue – the more reviews, the more buys. The more buys, the more reviews. The more buys, the higher your rank in search and the more sales you get.

In our experience only 1% to 1.5% of all buyers will…

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In our first blog, we discussed the impact of search ranking on Amazon, paid and organic search. In this blog, we will discuss four factors that directly influence the natural search ranking for selected search terms that are relevant to your product. In the third blog we will discuss factors that influence sales velocity and in the last blog in this series, we will discuss specific implementation strategies to improve the sales velocity, your organic search ranking and your Best Seller Rating (BSR).

We will now review direct factors Amazon A9 Search engine uses to present product to the consumer searching…

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Understanding Amazon’s A9 search engine and how it impacts your sales – Part 1

Part one of Four Part Blog Series

This is a four-part Blog series. In our first blog, we will discuss the importance of search ranking and paid and organic search. In the second blog, we will discuss four factors that directly influence the search ranking. In the third blog we will discuss factors that influence sales velocity and in the last blog in this series, we will discuss specific strategies to improve the sales velocity and thus your organic search ranking.

Amazon is the world’s largest search engine for products. Over 50% of product searches are now done directly on Amazon.com and…

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Enhancing your brand on Amazon.com – Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhancing Your Brand On Amazon.com – Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
Maya Mulgaonkar, Account Manager Flatworld Group
In this blog, we will discuss Enhanced Brand Content, one of Amazon’s three new marketing features available to companies a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Before we begin, please note that in order to participate in the Brand Registry program, sellers must have a registered trademark for their products and brand. Trademarks must be registered (not pending) with USPTO office.

Please refer to our Brand Registry services for additional information.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

What is EBC?

Enhanced Brand Content is a premium feature that allows sellers to enrich…

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Attracting Customers: with Subscribe & Save

Attracting Recurring Customers: Subscribe & Save
Maya Mulgaonkar – Account Manager Flatworld Group
Amazon has a “subscribe and save” program that allows sellers to offer continuity program. Since Amazon has millions of products that fit the continuity model, Amazon’s program is unique as compared to other continuity programs. This blog will describe how the program works for both sellers and buyers.

 I’m a Seller, how can I participate in ‘Subscribe & Save’ program?

‘Subscribe & Save,’ an automated discounted subscription service, makes everyday living a little bit easier.  We all use certain products on a regular basis and most of us find ourselves at…

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Utilizing Amazon Tools to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads Performance

Amazon sponsored ad campaigns help increase sales as well as brand and product visibility.  They go hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) listing copy to enhance your product’s overall Amazon performance.

Sellers who are new to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), may not know where to start.  While there are third party tools and vendors out there who can help you manage your marketing, if you are DIYing it, there are several tools and reports provided by Amazon that you will want to take advantage of.
Utilize Amazon’s AUTO campaigns.
AUTO campaigns allow you to select a budget and max bid, while Amazon…

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12 Reasons Why Your Amazon Sales are Down and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve noticed decreasing Amazon sales, follow this check-list to identify the issues and regain sales:

Are your Amazon listings active?

If you see the “dog” image below when attempting to find your listing, that means it’s inactive.  There are multiple reasons why Amazon will deactivate a listing, including anything from too many complaints about a product to inventory being stranded. Be sure to monitor your listings on a regular basis. It may be helpful to specifically look at listings where sales drop significantly or go to zero.

Do you have unauthorized sellers on your listings?

If you are a brand owner…

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The “3 C’s” Rule for Creating Winning Amazon Listings

Keep Your Content Clear, Concise & Catchy: The “3 C’s” Rule for Creating Winning Amazon Listings

by Shelly Meier, VP of Account Management


According to a 2015 Microsoft study, the average consumer’s attention span has dropped to just eight seconds.  This mean, as an Amazon seller, you have a very short window to prove to prospective customers that your product is worthy of their continued attention.  A good rule of thumb for crafting winning Amazon listing content is to follow what I refer to as the rule of the “3 C’s”:

Amazon listings require a Headline or product title, key descriptors or bullets…

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Amazon: The Tail that Wags the Dog


Let’s face it.  If you’re not selling your product on Amazon, someone else is.  If you have an approved trademark, you can register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry and submit trademark violations to have unauthorized sellers who can’t provide proof of purchase removed.  There will always be sellers who purchase your product at retail and re-sell it on Amazon.  Because of the First Sale Doctrine, any seller with proof of purchase, can re-sell products on Amazon.  These small-time sellers are unlikely to have a major impact on your business.

However, if you’re a brand owner or manufacturer and you’re…

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