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12 Reasons Why Your Amazon Sales are Down and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve noticed decreasing Amazon sales, follow this check-list to identify the issues and regain sales:

Are your Amazon listings active?

If you see the “dog” image below when attempting to find your listing, that means it’s inactive.  There are multiple reasons why Amazon will deactivate a listing, including anything from too many complaints about a product to inventory being stranded. Be sure to monitor your listings on a regular basis. It may be helpful to specifically look at listings where sales drop significantly or go to zero.

Do you have unauthorized sellers on your listings?

If you are a brand owner…

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Amazon Seller Central vs Amazon Vendor Central

Clients often approach us regarding the differences between selling products through Amazon Seller Central (third-party seller) and Amazon Vendor Central (Amazon Retail vendor).  In a nut-shell, when you sell through Seller Central, you are selling products ON Amazon; when you utilize Vendor Central, you are selling products TO Amazon.

Here’s a quick summary of how each platform works:

Each platform has its pros and cons, and there are multiple factors to consider before choosing one.  In fact, some businesses utilize both, selecting one or the other depending on where their products are in their life cycle.

Typically selling on Amazon using Seller Central…

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