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How Counterfeits on Amazon Impact Your Business and Your Brand

Amazon today:

Amazon sales in 2017 from Amazon marketplaces worldwide – $310 Billion
In 2018 Amazon will own 50% of all eCommerce and 5% of all retail
50% of units sold on Amazon come from third-party sellers
25% of the third-party sellers on Amazon are “global sellers”, mostly from China

Not all sellers are selling counterfeit products but there is a substantial number of counterfeits sold on Amazon. These sellers monitor new hot products and sell counterfeit versions of your product at low price, stealing the buy box and killing your sales.  In addition to losing sales, low quality counterfeits result…

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Amazon Transparency Program

What is Amazon’s Transparency program – Proactive counterfeit protection?

Chinese counterfeits are prevalent on Amazon.com. Amazon’s Marketplace business model where multiple sellers can sell same product and compete on price creates an opportunity for counterfeit sellers to list their products on the same listing as the genuine product. Even though Amazon has launched the Brand Registry program, it is only partially effective. This program prevents counterfeit products from attaching to your listing.

The Amazon Transparency program is designed for Brand Manufacturers who want to reduce the damage done to their business by counterfeiters on Amazon. The Amazon Transparency is a brand-new program…

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