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How Counterfeits on Amazon Impact Your Business and Your Brand

Amazon today:

Amazon sales in 2017 from Amazon marketplaces worldwide – $310 Billion
In 2018 Amazon will own 50% of all eCommerce and 5% of all retail
50% of units sold on Amazon come from third-party sellers
25% of the third-party sellers on Amazon are “global sellers”, mostly from China

Not all sellers are selling counterfeit products but there is a substantial number of counterfeits sold on Amazon. These sellers monitor new hot products and sell counterfeit versions of your product at low price, stealing the buy box and killing your sales.  In addition to losing sales, low quality counterfeits result…

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Amazon Brand Registry Program

Amazon Brand Registry Program
Amazon launched the Amazon Brand Registry program to help Brands protect their Intellectual Property from infringers on Amazon. You must have a registered Trademarks copyright and/or design patents to participate in the program. Amazon does not recognize any pending Trademarks at this time.

The Brand registration process typically takes a week to be completed. Once Amazon verifies the brand owners and your brand is registered with Amazon, you can search for and submit trademark violations against sellers who may be violating your brand.

The Brand Registry program accepts the following types of Intellectual Property violations:

Trademark – Any unauthorized…

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Amazon: The Tail that Wags the Dog


Let’s face it.  If you’re not selling your product on Amazon, someone else is.  If you have an approved trademark, you can register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry and submit trademark violations to have unauthorized sellers who can’t provide proof of purchase removed.  There will always be sellers who purchase your product at retail and re-sell it on Amazon.  Because of the First Sale Doctrine, any seller with proof of purchase, can re-sell products on Amazon.  These small-time sellers are unlikely to have a major impact on your business.

However, if you’re a brand owner or manufacturer and you’re…

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