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Amazon Project Zero

Recently Amazon launched a new program called Project Zero. This program is developed to help brand protect their business on Amazon from counterfeits. The name refers to Amazon ‘s goal of reducing the counterfeits to Zero.

The program is by invitation only at this time and available only to US sellers/brands. We expect this program to but will evolve over time and will be made available to a larger number of brands.

The program has three components

Amazon’s Automated Protections – Amazon scans listings using machine learning technology and identifies listings from unauthorized sellers. Amazon claims that they remove infringing listings although…

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Enhancing your brand on Amazon.com – Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhancing Your Brand On Amazon.com – Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
Maya Mulgaonkar, Account Manager Flatworld Group
In this blog, we will discuss Enhanced Brand Content, one of Amazon’s three new marketing features available to companies a part of Amazon’s Brand Registry program. Before we begin, please note that in order to participate in the Brand Registry program, sellers must have a registered trademark for their products and brand. Trademarks must be registered (not pending) with USPTO office.

Please refer to our Brand Registry services for additional information.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

What is EBC?

Enhanced Brand Content is a premium feature that allows sellers to enrich…

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Utilizing Amazon Tools to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Ads Performance

Amazon sponsored ad campaigns help increase sales as well as brand and product visibility.  They go hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) listing copy to enhance your product’s overall Amazon performance.

Sellers who are new to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), may not know where to start.  While there are third party tools and vendors out there who can help you manage your marketing, if you are DIYing it, there are several tools and reports provided by Amazon that you will want to take advantage of.
Utilize Amazon’s AUTO campaigns.
AUTO campaigns allow you to select a budget and max bid, while Amazon…

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Amazon Transparency Program

What is Amazon’s Transparency program – Proactive counterfeit protection?

Chinese counterfeits are prevalent on Amazon.com. Amazon’s Marketplace business model where multiple sellers can sell same product and compete on price creates an opportunity for counterfeit sellers to list their products on the same listing as the genuine product. Even though Amazon has launched the Brand Registry program, it is only partially effective. This program prevents counterfeit products from attaching to your listing.

The Amazon Transparency program is designed for Brand Manufacturers who want to reduce the damage done to their business by counterfeiters on Amazon. The Amazon Transparency is a brand-new program…

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Amazon Brand Registry Program

Amazon Brand Registry Program
Amazon launched the Amazon Brand Registry program to help Brands protect their Intellectual Property from infringers on Amazon. You must have a registered Trademarks copyright and/or design patents to participate in the program. Amazon does not recognize any pending Trademarks at this time.

The Brand registration process typically takes a week to be completed. Once Amazon verifies the brand owners and your brand is registered with Amazon, you can search for and submit trademark violations against sellers who may be violating your brand.

The Brand Registry program accepts the following types of Intellectual Property violations:

Trademark – Any unauthorized…

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