About us

Who We Are

FlatWorld Group delivers A-Z solutions that maximize performance, increase visibility, and protect brands from unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters on Amazon.com. Founded by ex-Amazon executives and eCommerce industry veterans, we’ve partnered with more than 60 product companies over the last 7 years, to increase revenue, decrease operating costs, and provide brand protection and enhanced visibility for thousands of products.

Dana Mulgaonkar

Chief Executive Officer

Dana is a founder and CEO of FlatWorld Group, managing all aspects of the business with an emphasis on operations, finance, and HR. Prior to FlatWorld Group, Dana was the co-founder and Vice President of Operations for DNA Response, a full-service marketplace management company, and Stag, LLC, an online marketer of electronic cigarettes and mobile accessories. Dana has 20 years of business administration, customer support, and IT management experience with companies like Aldus (Adobe), Intel, PCad, and Fujitsu.

Tres Heffron


Tres provides technology expertise to solve complex problems related to Amazon including the development of Business Intelligence and data mining. Tres has been in the corporate world for more than 23 years. After teaching himself to code software in one language after another, he took an interest in management and leadership. The shift was from the what of daily work to the how and eventually the why. Tres has held a number of leadership positions in both large and start-up companies, from Director of Program Management to Vice President of Technology, and most recently as Vice President of Operations, representing the shift from product production to developing high functioning teams.

Maya Mulgaonkar

Senior Account Manager

Maya handles day-to-day operations for FlatWorld Group focusing on client services, brand protection, Amazon listing management, and supporting inventory and marketing activities. Before joining FlatWorld Group, Maya worked in the hospitality industry, including catering and event planning. She graduated from the University of Washington, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Law Society and Justice.